Rhinoplasty in Montreal

Most experts agree that a rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) is the most complex plastic surgery procedure. Not only does the nose occupy the center of the face, it also provides both form and function. Similar to a pair of heels or a car, the nose has to not only look good but also work well. A beautiful nose also enhances other pleasing facial features such as the eyes or mouth, while an unsightly nose can distract from an otherwise attractive face.

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Dr. Amanda Fanous

During her Facial Plastic Surgery subspecialty fellowship training in Paris, France, Dr. Amanda Fanous learned from some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Europe: Dr. Olivier Gerbault and Dr. Jean-Brice Duron, both of whom were former trainees of the renowned Dr. Gilbert Aiach, considered as the French father of rhinoplasty. This training allowed Dr. Amanda Fanous to gain a vast experience in nasal surgery, while integrating the “French way” of a refined sense of esthetics and striving to achieve natural results.

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A successful rhinoplasty surgeon needs to have an in depth knowledge of both the external and internal components of the nose, and how the different anatomic pieces fit together to create an appealing and functional 3D form. The nose surgeon needs to have a keen sense of beauty and esthetics, and as well be competent in dealing with nasal breathing problems. Therefore, when it comes to rhinoplasty, esthetics and breathing go hand in hand and both need to be evaluated without compromise.


The initial consultation, the surgery and the follow-up visits all take place at our certified surgical center. Dr. Amanda Fanous performs rhinoplasty as an outpatient procedure, meaning that the patient arrives the morning of the surgery and leaves shortly after the procedure.

The type of surgery performed by Dr. Amanda Fanous is either a closed rhinoplasty (endonasal approach), meaning no cuts are made on the outside of the nose; or an open rhinoplatsy, where a small cut is made on the skin in between the nostrils. When an open rhinoplasty is performed, the scar usually heals well, is hidden and not very noticeable. The decision to opt for a closed vs an open rhinoplasty is made by Dr. Amanda Fanous on a case-by-case basis. Non-surgical rhinoplasty using filler injections is also a possibility in select cases.


The anesthesia used is local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, therefore avoiding the need for general anesthesia. The surgery usually takes about 2 to 3 hours. There is absolutely no pain during the surgery and usually little discomfort in the few days following.

At the end of the surgery, a cast is applied over the top of the nose. A small amount of bruising around the nose or eyes can occur and usually resolves within a few days. One week off work or school is advised.

The patient is seen in clinic one week after surgery, at which point the cast is comfortably removed. The improved shape of the nose is immediately visible but the nose is swollen at first. The appearance of the nose continues to improve over the following year as the swelling gradually decreases.  


Rhinoplasty in Montreal

Meet Dr. Amanda Fanous

Revision rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty, or revision nose job surgery, is a surgery performed to correct a previously done unsuccessful rhinoplasty. In such a case, the type of surgery is almost always an open approach, where a small cut is made in between the nostrils. In general, this incision heals well with time and often becomes almost imperceptible. Extra tissues, called “grafts”, may need to be harvested from the ears (conchal cartilage), scalp (temporalis fascia) or rib (costal cartilage). General anesthesia may be necessary in some cases.


The clinic

Our Montreal clinic is housed in a state of the art building that was custom designed to function as a modern medical centre for cosmetic surgery with the most advanced equipment available. The architecture was specially developed to take into account every single component that improves patient care. We researched and implemented every recommendation that improves patient outcomes with the goal of creating the best plastic surgery clinic in Canada.

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