Forehead lift in Montreal

Low or droopy eyebrows can be blamed for a tired, sad or angry facial expression. It can also give the impression of excess upper eyelid skin.

A forehead lift (frontoplasty) is a surgical procedure done to lift the brows up slightly and restore their younger shape.

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Dr. Amanda Fanous

Dr. Amanda Fanous performs a mini-invasive procedure through 3 very small incisions completely hidden in the hair. The goal is to lift the brows up a little and to recreate an appealing and natural brow shape, while avoiding a “surprised” look.

Meet Dr. Amanda Fanous


Forehead Lift (Frontoplasty) in Montreal

Meet Dr. Amanda Fanous

The surgery

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation and takes about 1-2 hours. The patient arrives the morning of the procedure and leaves a few hours after.

The recovery usually takes about 1 week. Some swelling and bruising may occur. The initial consultation, the surgery and the follow-up visits all take place at our certified surgical center.


The clinic

Our Montreal clinic is housed in a state of the art building that was custom designed to function as a modern medical centre for cosmetic surgery with the most advanced equipment available. The architecture was specially developed to take into account every single component that improves patient care. We researched and implemented every recommendation that improves patient outcomes with the goal of creating the best plastic surgery clinic in Canada.

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