Non-Surgical Treatments


Botulinum toxin is a naturally produced protein by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is the main component of Botox ©. When injected, it relaxes the muscles.

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PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Platelet Rich Plasma, also called PRP and popularized as “vampire lift ”, is a completely natural treatment that uses your own blood to stimulate tissue regeneration.

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Filler injections

A filler is a product injected under the skin to fill certain areas of the face. Depending on the type of injection used, the result can last anywhere from 5 months to 1 year, at which point the injection would need to be repeated. Pain, swelling and bruising may occur but are usually minimal.

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Skin treatments

Our skin is our own personal envelope. A beautiful face starts with radiant skin. No matter how attractive one’s facial features, problem skin can distract the viewer from an otherwise appealing face.

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