Filler injections in Montreal

A filler is a product injected under the skin to fill certain areas of the face. Depending on the type of injection used, the result can last anywhere from 5 months to 1 year, at which point the injection would need to be repeated. Pain, swelling and bruising may occur but are usually minimal.

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Dr. Amanda Fanous

Dr. Amanda Fanous prefers to use fillers composed of hyaluronic acid, which mimic the body’s natural component. Examples include Restylane ©, Restylane Kysse ©, Juvederm ©, Volyme ©, etc. Dr. Amanda Fanous will carefully evaluate each case prior to discussing possible options.

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Lip enhancement injection

Fillers are often used to enhance the lips or to redefine the lip border, termed the vermilion. The goal is to create natural lips in harmony with the patient’s facial proportions and age. Furthermore, many women find that lip fillers make it easier to apply lipstick and may even avoid the need for lip liner.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

In select cases, reshaping the nose using only filler injections is possible. This technique is ideal to camouflage nose irregularities, especially at the level of the nasal dorsum (hump). The procedure takes about 30 minutes, similar to any other injection of the face.

Cheeks and jawline

Fillers can also be placed along the cheekbones and jawline to restore lost volume or to give the face a more structured and chiseled appearance.

Tear trough area (under eye groove)

Filling this area can give the eyes a more refreshed and youthful look and diminish the appearance of under eye bags or dark circles.

Facial rejuvenation by treating wrinkles and folds

Filler injections can also be placed into wrinkles and folds to diminish their appearance. Examples include smile or laugh lines (nasolabial folds) and marionette lines (labiomental folds).

Non-surgical chin augmentation

In select patients, augmentation of the chin can be achieved with a simple filler injection.


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Our Montreal clinic is housed in a state of the art building that was custom designed to function as a modern medical centre for cosmetic surgery with the most advanced equipment available. The architecture was specially developed to take into account every single component that improves patient care. We researched and implemented every recommendation that improves patient outcomes with the goal of creating the best plastic surgery clinic in Canada.

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